Technical Requirements

Hiring aerial entertainment can seem overwhelming, but we have seen it all.  Requirements are easily ascertained with a site visit, so we can let you know exactly what we need according to the venue.  Generally, an aerial act will require:

  • An aerial point or structural beam rated at 1000 lb dynamic load capacity
  • Minimum height of 16′ (from the beam or aerial point to the floor);  vertical acts such as silks/rope will require more height
  • Floor to ceiling clearance area of 10′ x 10′

Not sure?  Give us a call to make a site visit appointment:  415-518-4118

free standing aerial rig

Free Standing Aerial Rig – photo by Jesse Lenihan

Our free-standing aerial rig can be used indoors or outdoors on ground with a low grade.  It requires absolutely no bolts, screws, or wires and will not cause any damage to the venues floors or other surfaces.  If being set up indoors, our rig requires a minimum height of 16′, minimum footprint 9′ x 13′.  However our rig can reach heights of up to 21.5′!

Ground act requirements such as dance and contortion vary but generally require a smooth, unobstructed surface area; please get in contact to discuss options.